Top 10 Classic PSP Games and HTML5 Alternatives for Android and iOS Smartphones

The PSP, a cool handheld gaming gadget from Sony, was like having a pocket-sized gaming console. It was powerful and easy to carry around, making it perfect for gaming on the go. The PSP looked cool and felt great to hold, and it had lots of different games to play. But it was more than just a gaming device; it was a statement that said, "I love games!" As we look back at the PSP, we won't just talk about the top ten classic PSP games that everyone remembers. We'll also tell you about games that are a lot like those classics, and you can find them on Online Games World. You can enjoy the excitement of those iconic games and discover new ones that keep the PSP's spirit alive in the digital world.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

In a story that happened before the first "God of War" game, Kratos is the main character once more. He's a tough warrior who uses special swords that fans really like. This story tells us about things that happened in Kratos's past, and why he's so angry at the gods. When you play the game, every time Kratos swings his swords, does a fancy combo, or finishes a tough enemy, it shows how well the game was made and why people love it. Get ready for an exciting story about power, making up for mistakes, and trying really hard to get back at the people who did you wrong. That's what makes Kratos a legendary character.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Knight of Magic - Battle against dark creatures, using a combination of weapons and spells.

2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Jump into Zack Fair's exciting story. He's a super-skilled SOLDIER who plays a big part in what happens in "Final Fantasy VII." This game isn't just about fighting and playing; it also helps you understand the complicated friendships, secret groups, and important events in the world of Gaia. While you follow Zack's adventure, you'll meet people you know, find hidden truths, and see some really sad and really brave moments that make the "Final Fantasy" series even more special.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Arcalona - In Arcalona, a vast RPG world awaits you. Construct your own base, upgrade buildings, and level up your heroes! This captivating game features a comprehensive spell tree, an attributes system, a weapon equipping system, and over 36 different enemies for you to battle your way through. Will you conquer Arcalona? Play now on OnlineGames.World!

3. Lumines: Puzzle Fusion

"Lumines: Puzzle Fusion" is a game that combines music and puzzles to create a fun and exciting experience. When you move and arrange blocks in the game, you do it to the beat of the music, which changes based on how you play. The colorful pictures in the game also match the music, making every move in the game look and sound amazing. It's not just a regular puzzle game; it's like playing music with colors and shapes, and it's always a lot of fun.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Hexa Blocks - Rotate and align falling hexagonal blocks to clear lines and score points.

4. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

In the game "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite," you explore big places with huge creatures that you need to beat and understand. It's an exciting game where you work together with friends to go on dangerous hunts. You track, trap, and defeat these gigantic monsters, and each one is tougher than the last. To win, you need to plan carefully, cooperate with your friends, and be really good with different weapons and equipment. But when you win, you get cool stuff from the monsters you defeated, and you can make strong gear to use in future battles. It's not just about missions; it's also about telling exciting stories of bravery, teamwork, and winning against tough challenges.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Hunter and Props - A fun multiplayer game where players alternate between being the hunter and the props.

5. LocoRoco

In the game "LocoRoco," you get to explore colorful places and help cute LocoRoco characters on their adventure. You do this by moving the world around them, tilting and turning it to guide them. As you twist and turn, you'll discover different terrains with surprises, challenges, and secret paths. The game has bright and beautiful art, and the music is so catchy that it'll make you happy. It's not just about reaching the end of the journey; it's about enjoying the fun moments and music along the way. Every jump, roll, and song in "LocoRoco" is a happy and magical experience.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Draw the Bridge - Draw The Bridge is an entertaining puzzle game where you need to draw a path for vehicles. It's easy and fun to play. Draw the vehicles' path and avoid obstacles along the way to reach the finish line. Do you have what it takes to successfully complete every level? Put your drawing skills to the test!

6. Daxter

In the game where you become Daxter, a playful ottsel, get ready for a fun adventure filled with jokes and exciting challenges. Daxter, usually the sidekick, is now the star of the show, and he explores a colorful world full of puzzles, enemies, and funny moments. Daxter's unique personality shines through as he jumps, spins, and tells jokes, making every part of the game enjoyable. Whether he's navigating tricky places or making you laugh, Daxter ensures that the journey is just as much fun as the goal. Jump in and have a blast with this lovable ottsel!

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Fruit Grabber's Adventure - Embark on an epic platforming journey as the brave Fruit Grabber in this thrilling game. Collect as much fruit as you can and snatch the trophies along the way. Navigate through treacherous obstacles while avoiding enemy encounters. Test your gaming skills and conquer the challenge that awaits you in Adventure Hero. Play now on OnlineGames.World!

7. Patapon

March to ancient drumbeats in "Patapon," a unique mix of rhythm and strategy games. As a god, you lead a loyal tribe of warriors using rhythmic drumming. The Patapon tribe explores dangerous lands, battles enemies, and gathers resources to the beat. The colorful visuals move with the rhythm, creating a fun and challenging experience. Commanding your troops through drumming is both a game mechanic and a captivating way to lead them. "Patapon" combines strategy and music for a world where every beat matters.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Red Outpost - Welcome to Mars in Red Outpost. Build your Martian outpost by recruiting astronauts from Earth, harvesting crops, generating solar energy, and mining Martian rocks. Discover new technologies and upgrades along the way. Grow and thrive by managing your resources properly. Enjoy the fun Martian theme and embark on an endless gameplay adventure. Will you be able to save and load your games? The fate of your outpost lies in your hands!

8. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

"Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" follows the adventures of Big Boss, also known as Snake, in a world full of secrets and spy missions during the Cold War. The game blends stealth and action, allowing players to uncover a rich story with character development and unexpected twists. As Snake, your mission isn't just about survival; it's about grasping the true cost of peace in a world on the brink of conflict. Experience Hideo Kojima's storytelling brilliance in this gripping saga.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Stealth Hunter - Sneak past guards, avoid alarms, and complete covert missions in this stealth-based game.

9. Jeanne d'Arc

Go on an exciting adventure with a legendary character named Jeanne d'Arc in this strategy RPG. You'll have to lead your team in battles on grid-based maps where every choice is important. But there's more to the story, with heroism and surprises, inspired by a real historical figure. Test your strategy skills and enjoy an epic tale that retells a classic legend.

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Takeover - Lead your troops in tactical battles, reclaiming and fortifying territories.

10. Tekken: Dark Resurrection

"Tekken: Dark Resurrection" brings the popular fighting game to the PSP handheld console. You can choose from many fighters, each with their own fighting moves. Whether you're doing powerful combos or cleverly blocking attacks, each fight is a chance to show your skills. The graphics make the battles look amazing, so get ready for exciting matches and prove you're the best in the Tekken arena!

Our Suggestion on Online Games World: Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel - Engage in fast-paced combat, countering enemy moves and stringing combos.


The PSP was more than just a gaming device; it was a pocket-sized entertainment powerhouse. Whether you're reminiscing about past battles or looking to dive into new challenges, these classics and their HTML5 counterparts offer hours of enjoyment.