1010+ Block Puzzle

OnlineGames.World offers a unique take on the classic 1010 block puzzle game, providing players with endless entertainment and opportunities for strategic thinking. With a dynamic 10x10 board, innovative block buffer system, various figures to play with, and destructive row and column features, the possibilities are endless. Utilize powerful boosters, try out two different game modes, and appreciate the game's beautiful graphics and soothing sound effects. Sharpen your mind and relieve stress with this visually stunning block puzzle game, perfect for both puzzle enthusiasts and strategic minds.

In this game, your objective is to populate the field with shapes. The shapes will emerge in a queue and once a row or column is completely filled, it will vanish. If there is no empty space left on the field, you can store a shape in the storage area. If you get stuck, make use of special boosters such as rotating a shape, undoing your last move, and receiving new shapes. The Adventure mode offers diverse levels with unique objectives, while the Classic mode challenges you to earn the highest score possible.

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