Beat the Plush

Welcome to the thrilling universe of "Beat the Plush" on OnlineGames.World - a captivating clicker game where you must take on Skbidi with the strength of your hand. Skillfully avoid his attacks and deliver powerful blows to defeat him.

Enhance your weapon's potency to dominate in combat. Acquire new weapons to diversify your options and improve your triumph potential.

Remember to also boost your earnings to progress swiftly. Experience the excitement of "Beat the Plush" on OnlineGames.World - your go-to destination for endless amusement.

Begin firing by clicking and grasping onto the screen.

To obtain a different firearm, select the appropriate button located on the upper section of the screen. Take note of its attributes by pressing and holding the emblem.

Enhance your performance by purchasing upgrades. Instructions for utilizing weapons: click to acquire, hold down the icon to inspect improvement details.

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