City Siege 2. Resort Siege

Escape to an exciting world of gaming with OnlineGames.World! Just when you thought you could relax on vacation, the enemies strike again and this time, they're invading the beach! Brace yourself for increased difficulty with additional levels and units to take on. Don't forget to watch out for the latest additions to their forces - Spy, Transport 'Copter, and Veteran - and prepare to face their new tanks, helis, and veterans. Are you up for the challenge? Head over to OnlineGames.World now and prove your skills!

Select your troops by clicking on them, then use either the WASD or cursor keys to maneuver them. To shoot, simply aim with your mouse and click. Use the edges of the screen to move the view and get a better look at your surroundings. Certain units, like the Bazooka guy and Artillery truck, may need to stop in order to fire. Spys can avoid being seen and transporters can move troops across the map. Utilize the evacuate and deploy buttons to switch your units in and out of combat.

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