City Siege Factions Island

Unleash ultimate destruction and tactical rescues in the 2D physics-based war game on OnlineGames.World. Assemble a powerful army consisting of tanks, guns, spies, flame tanks, and helicopters to take on your enemies. Your mission is to bring peace to Faction Island by eliminating all adversaries in intense battles. From a humble rifleman to well-equipped forces, dominate the gameplay with a variety of weapons and complete missions to earn cash for upgrading your arsenal or deploying devastating airstrikes. Watch as the environment changes with every move and witness buildings falling down, crushing enemies in your path. Get ready for an action-packed experience where victory lies in your strategic decisions.

Select troops by clicking on them, then control them using the WASD or Cursor Keys. Use the mouse to aim and click to fire. Scroll by moving the mouse to the screen edges to view the surroundings.

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