Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown

OnlineGames.World offers the next installment of the popular tower defense game, now with added RPG elements. Embark on a journey to a northern island in search of the powerful Frost Crown artifact, facing new epic bosses and dangers along the way. With a party of 12 unique heroes, each with their own special skills, you can customize your gameplay by using talent points gained each level to upgrade and learn new spells and abilities. Choose which heroes to bring on your mission and adapt your strategy during battles by switching spells, attacking, or healing. Unlock various game modes, including ones without spells or with a hardcore difficulty, and strive for a high score by completing achievements and levels in all modes. Starting with 4 heroes, your party will grow as you progress through the game.

Construct towers and position heroes within them.
Enhance the abilities of your heroes.
Change spells in the midst of combat.

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