Inferno. Meltdown

Experience your dream of being a fire-fighter with OnlineGames.World! Take on the role of a robotic fire-fighter and battle infernos in different areas throughout the city, such as the bowling alley, cinema, and gas-works. Enjoy exciting and explosive gameplay with flammable objects like oil barrels and petrol pumps that burst into flames. Utilize sprinklers and fans to help control the fire and rescue people in danger. Collect coins to upgrade your firebot. And beware, the levels will literally go up in flames as you play!

Use the cursor keys or WASD to navigate and leap, as well as climb ladders. To deploy a sprinkler, hit the space bar. Aim and spray your fire extinguishing hose with the mouse. Direct the hose downwards, then use it to propel yourself upwards like a jetpack. When you come across a fan switch, spray it to turn off the fans. To start over a level, hit the R key. Alternatively, use the Q key to adjust the graphics quality.

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