Into Space 2

You've successfully reached Space! But there's another goal waiting for you - Mars! Upgrade your rocket, complete missions and achievements to unlock new equipment and reach greater heights! Here are some tips: - Turn off the engine for precise maneuvers - Speed affects damage, so if you can't avoid an obstacle, try to slow down at least. More tips: – Fins greatly improve steering and reduce air resistance, don't forget to purchase them. – If you can't or don't wish to complete a mission, you can always pay to skip it (there's a $ button in the mission description window). It will be counted as completed, unlocking new items, although you won't receive the mission bonus. But you can always come back and finish it later to claim the bonus. – Speed gates provide you with two stackable speed buffs. One lasts for several seconds and is powerful, while the other lasts longer but is weaker.

A or Left - turn left D or Right - turn right S or Down - turn off engine W or Up - use boosters

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