The Lost Joystick

Oh no! Someone stole your joystick, but they don't know who you are! You'll do whatever it takes to get it back in this psychedelic platformer game. Jump around the levels, collect coins and keys, defeat monsters, and avoid traps to reach your goal. It's as simple as that. Can you retrieve your joystick and triumph over the challenges that await you? Play now and find out! Game controls: Keyboard: Use arrow keys to jump, move left and right, or go down from a platform. Use ASD to move and spacebar to jump. ESC: Pause the game. Click on the music note to turn the music on/off. Click on the speaker to turn the sound effects on/off. Gamepad: Use left analog stick or D-pad to move left and right, or go down. A button: Jump. Right shoulder button: Music on/off. Left shoulder button: Sound effects on/off. Come play on OnlineGames.World!)


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