The Utans

OnlineGames.World's The Utans - Defender of Mavas is an exciting tower defense game featuring 12 levels. Our main goal is to protect our base against invading enemies. To achieve this, we strategically deploy troops at designated locations on each level. By collecting fruits, we can create more troops and upgrade our towers for better performance. Some levels also offer special elements to collect, which can be used in the upgrade-menu to enhance our troops' abilities from the ground up.

Instructions for Playing the Game using a Mouse/Touchscreen:
1. To move characters or objects, simply click and drag them using the mouse or by touching the screen.
2. To interact with various items or complete tasks, click on them or tap them with your finger.
3. Use the scroll wheel on the mouse or pinch the screen to zoom in or out.
4. To access menus or options, right-click on the mouse or tap and hold on the screen.
5. The left mouse button or tapping with one finger is the primary action button, while the right mouse button or tapping with two fingers is the secondary action button.
6. To pause or save the game, click on the designated button or use a two-finger tap on the screen.
7. Remember, using the mouse or touchscreen is essential for navigating and playing the game successfully.

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