Ultimate maze! Collect them all!

Experience the thrilling journey through a variety of mazes, riddles, and obstacles on OnlineGames.World. Conquer all challenges, unlock adorable characters, and demonstrate your prowess as the ultimate maze ruler! Explore mysterious caverns, tour China, or bask in the sun at the beach - all within the epic realm of Ultimate Maze!

1 Use the directional arrow or swipe in the direction you want the character to move. The highlighted arrow will indicate the direction you need to go.
2 The level objective is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Reach this goal to successfully finish the level.
3 In story mode, there may be obstacles that require specific tools to be destroyed. You can break stone rocks using a pickaxe, trees with an axe, and boxes with dynamite. These tools can be obtained in story levels or purchased with coins earned.
4 You can also access the arcade mode (unlocked after the first chapter) for additional rewards.

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